About Root4Soccer

About Root4Soccer
Goaaaalllllllllllllllll!!!!!! Root Root. 

Root4Soccer is an independent platform launched in January 2023 by the Dutch publishing company Monk & Mountain.  

Root4Soccer is aimed at sports fans who want to learn more about soccer and its roots and culture across all continents.

André Bisschop and Rob van den Heuvel are the founders of Root4Soccer. Both of them root exuberantly for the game but are even more interested in the habitat around it. They uncover surprising insights and marvel at how fans worldwide experience soccer.  "Every country has its peculiarities and habits. With Root4Soccer, we want to connect people and show them what this sport can offer. Our stories come from all corners of the earth, leaving the delusion of the day for what it is. We focus on the stories behind the results. Usually joyful, sometimes positively critical. Occasionally with the lyricism of a poet", says André.

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André & Rob

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